A fishman’s life for me!

Hi and welcome to my first ever Blog.

I’m Steve my better half is Lisa hence stevenlisa ┬áthe 24 comes from our house number. I used that name once and stuck and i’ve used it on forums etc ever since. You will never see Lisa fishing she won’t even touch a worm and doesn’t really like fish.

I have a passion that is fishing, I did it as a kid and around a year ago i got back into it and wow its taken over over my life. I have a hobby and to be honest its my first hobby i have ever had. I don’t like football or rugby or snooker or anything else really.

I have a 6 month old son called Liam who is watching me type this and trying to press buttons! I can’t wait till he is old enough to take out fishing so we can do father and son things.

I mainly fish on the fylde coast which is the Blackpool coastline though mainly up the Rossall end as this has better fishing marks.

I have a mission this year to fish as many different places as possible starting last week with Greenodd up in the Lake District.

I won’t be able to get out for a couple of weeks but the next session i have planned is in Morecambe there are reports of decent Plaice coming in there already and the Fylde is fishing pants at the moment. I have just popped out to Ancorsholme for a few hours and never even had a bite, though a bird did fly into my line and made me think i had caught a bloody shark!

I am also a Scout leader and spend a lot of my spare time organising that. And a truck driver 60+ hours a week.

Anyway thats enough for now I am on angling addicts a lot under the same name as this so head over there for more banter its http://www.anglingaddicts.co.uk.

take care


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